Best Method to Get Plex Play MP4 Files Smoothly

Plex can’t detect and play MP4 videos? Read this article you can know and reasons and solutions for MP4 to Plex issues.

Q: I’m new to Plex. When open some MP4 files in Plex, it failed. I need a quick solution.”

MP4 is widely supported by most media players, media servers, portable devices. But as the above user complained, Plex can’t open and detect MP4. Now, in this page, we talk about how to play MP4 on Plex easily.

So the point here is, does Plex support MP4 format. Well, it depends. The fact is that Plex has strict requirements of MP4 files. In order to successfully play MP4 on Plex, your MP4 files must meet the following specifications:

Container: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 or smaller
Video Encoding: H.264 (level 4.0 or lower) or MPEG-4
Video Framerate: 30fps
Video Bit Depth: 8
Audio Encoding: AAC

If your MP4 files cannot meet the above requirement, Plex will not detect the file or play the files.

Possible Methods to Enable Plex Read MP4 files:

Method 1: If your MP4 files are not accepted by Plex, it’s probably because of the video codec incompatibility. In this situation, the easy option is to convert incompatible MP4 to Plex supported MP4 for successfully playback. As a free MP4 decoder and encoder, Handbrake will help you to re-encode video or audio track to make it more compatible with Plex using optimized settings.

Note: Although you have converted MP4 source by Handbrake, sometimes you still cannot play and watch them on your iPhone, iPod or iPad through Plex server. What’s worse, the output videos are usually not in good quality as you expect.

Method 2: Along with help from Brorsoft Video Converter you fill the compatibility gap between MP4 and Plex easily.

With it, you can fast convert different MP4 videos to H.264 MP4 for Plex seamlessly. What’s more, this video converter supports converting H.265, MKV, VOB, WTV, MPG, WMV, TiVo, AVI, MOV, etc to Plex supported file format. And with the built-in video editor, you can personalize and retouch your videos in clicks. For Mac guys, try Video Converter for Mac. Download the program and learn how to change MP4 to Plex compatible H.264 video on Windows(Windows 10 included).

How to Transcode MP4 Files to Plex Compatible Format

Step 1. Load original MP4 files

Launch the best MP4 to Plex converter. Click “Add” button on the main interface to load your MP4 files to the program.

Step 2. Select output format

Click “Format” and choose MP4 from “Common Video” as output format, which can be recognized by Plex easily. Here 3 H.264 presets “H.264 Baseline Profile Video(*.mp4)”, “H.264 Main Profile Video(*.mp4)”, “H.264 High Profile Video(*.mp4)” are supported.

Tips: With the right settings you can retain the quality of the original videos while also saving space. This is particularly helpful when streaming over your network, depending on your network quality. Simply click Settings bar and you can tweak the settings to your satisfaction and even save it as preset.

Step 3. Start MP4 to Plex Conversion

Finally, hit the “Convert” button at the bottom of the main interface to start the conversion. It will automatically convert MP4 to Plex Media Server compatible video files. After the conversion, click “Open” to locate the output videos. Then, it would be easy for Plex to read and play the MP4 video clips.

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