How to Play Internet Videos on iPhone freely

Naturally, if you own an iPhone and have tried to watch Internet videos online, you surely have noticed the iPhone can not play internet video directly. That’s because these Internet videos run on something called “Flash”; however, it lacks of Flash support on iOS devices. If you are probably looking for ways to implement it, you are in the right place. Here we’ll show you one simple, yet effective way to play Internet videos on iPhone freely.

How to play internet videos on iPhone (iPhone 6s, 6s plus, 6, 6 plus)

To play internal video on your iPhone, you can download iTransmogrify!, a bookmarklet for iPhone and iPod touch which transforms embedded Flash content into direct links to formats supported by Apple. That’s to say, within a few clicks, those YouTube videos and MP3 can be played from the iPhone’s native browser, say Safari.

If you use iTransmogrify!, you are limited to several video websites actually, and the Currently supported sites include: YouTube,, Revver, TED talks, many embeded flash MP3 players , podcasts, Flickr badges (videos are unsupported) etc.

To install this bookmarklet, just drag the link to your Safari or Firefox Bookmarks, IE users should right click and choose “Add To Favorites”. After adding the link, sync your iPhone.

Then, whenever you find a broken video, just select the bookmark to convert it. Now, you can watch and play internet videos such as, Revver, TED talks and embedded TED talks, Many embeded flash MP3 players, podcasts, etc. on iPod touch and iPhone.

Tip: Also you can refer to the Top 3 Flash Player for iPhone 6 Plus, so that you can enjoy flash videos on your iPhone 6 Plus at your will without any limit.

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